Digital-Age Leadership

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Administrators play a pivotal role in determining how well technology is used in our schools.The NETS for Administrators enable us to define what administrators need to know and be able to doin order to discharge their responsibility as leaders in the effective use of technology in our schools.

"Integrating technology throughout a school system is, in itself, significant systemic reform. We have a wealth of evidence attesting to the importance of leadership in implementing and sustaining systemic reform in schools. It is critical, therefore, that we attend seriously to leadership for technology in schools." — Don Knezek, ISTE CEO

The hallmarks of the new school leader

The release of the new NETS-A (2009) acknowledges two critical understandings:
  • For administrators to create and sustain a culture that supports digital-age learning, they must become comfortable collaborating as co-learners with colleagues and students around the world.
  • In today’s digital learning culture, it’s less about staying ahead and more about moving forward as members of dynamic learning communities. Administrators convey a vision for technology infusion and ensure development of their own technology skills and those of others.